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We offer friendly advice on your web site promotion and marketing needs. Contact us for an informal, friendly discussion.
Custom Web Site Design
We have extensive experience building web sites and you can be assured that any changes to your site will only add value.
Web Site Optimisation Analysis Report
Find out exactly what the issues are with your site and how to fix them. Completely independent and highly recommended. £695.

An example Web Site Promotion Campaign

There are many reasons why a site may not rank well, has not been indexed by, or worse has been penalised by the search engines. Extensive use of Flash, Frames, Dynamic Content, JavaScript Redirects, can all severely impede your performance and the list is endless.

Site Analysis

Web Action Internet Services first performs an initial site analysis to detect potential problems and identify any changes to the site that may be required, and includes a search engine ranking analysis as well.

Keyword Analysis and Research

Finding and targeting the right keywords that people actually use to find your goods or services is essential to attracting the right traffic and performing well on the search engines. Target the wrong keyword and all your efforts are in vain.

Our keyword analysis will not only tell you which key phrases to target, but will tell you how many times that phrase will likely be used on the search engines and how many other sites are competing for that phrase.

Web Site Optimisation

Each and every web site is different and ultimately will have a different set of needs. Changes required will most probably include; changes to the directory structure to incorporate theme strategies, a navigation structure for search engine spiders, inclusion of meta-tag data, page title creation, alt and link text changes, and adaptation or creation of keyword rich copy for the body text.

Any changes made, are based on a thorough discussion of your needs and the likely impact that will be made on the engines, together with any particular problems pertinent to your site and the competition you may face.

Directory Submissions & Optimised Site Description

An art in itself: Web Action will submit to ODP, Yahoo and Looksmart, selecting the best category and creating a keyword rich site description, making full use of keyword embedding.

Link Campaign

Link popularity (the number of incoming links to your site) is perhaps the most important single factor in any search engine ranking campaign.

Google who is thought to have as much as 82% of the market and Inktomi who supplies data to MSN as well as many others, use link popularity to determine the ranking of a site.

Web Action's link popularity campaigns secure high quality, relevant links that can only create a win/win situation for you and your web site.

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