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Web Site Design Analysis and Specification

Custom Web Site Design
Use our web site design analysis service in conjunction with our custom web site designs.
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Web Site Design Specification

If you are serious about making the first right step - time saved now versus time spent later - our consultative web site design analysis & specification service is the best web start you can get.

Components include:

Site Goals:

Long and short-term site objectives, intended audiences, reasons why they will come, functional analysis and synthesis of company, marketing and web site objectives.

User Experience:

Audience Definitions, Scenarios and Competitive Analysis.

Site Content:

Keyword Analysis, Content Grouping and Labelling, Outline SEO Strategy, Optimised Site Description and Functional Requirements Specification.

Site Structure:

Site Map/Blue Prints, Global and Local Navigation Systems and Wire-frame Prototype Site.

Visual Design:

Two separate Web Design Mock-ups and Layout Grids.

This is a completely independent design document to do with as you wish.

Cost: £995.

If you prefer Web Action Internet Services, can retain copyright of the visual designs and offer a reduced rate of £695 for this service.

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