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Labelling with ICRA

Web Action Internet Services understands the value of the Internet as a powerful medium in all aspects of education, business, and entertainment. Consequently, we are committed to protect children from potentially harmful material, whilst at the same time maintaining the ideals of free speech on the Internet.

As a result, Web Action Internet Services implements ICRA labelling as standard in all its web designs*.

How it works?

ICRA has developed a system that allows website designers and owners to label their content, according to the type of the material published on their website. The content labels, generated by ICRA conform to an Internet industry standard known as PICS, and are embedded into the web page, which prevents children viewing potentially harmful material via their browser settings.

About ICRA

The Internet Content Rating Association is an international, non-profit, independent organization that allows Internet Users to make informed decisions by means of objective labelling of content.

ICRA's dual aims are to protect children from potentially harmful material whilst preserving free speech on the Internet.

ICRA is also a UK registered charity and is supported by many leading Internet companies: AOL Europe, Bell Canada, BT, Cable & Wireless, Digimarc, The Internet Associaton of Japan, Microsoft, PAGi, R3Net, Solarsoft, T-Online, Tiscali, Verisign, Verizon and Yahoo!, amongst many others.

Associate Membership

ICRAWeb Action Internet Services is pleased to be an Associate Member of the Internet Content Rating Association

*Some exceptions may apply

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